Dialogical/ Integrative Trauma Psychotherapy



Dialogical or Integrative Trauma Therapy focuses on the client's self-processes in each phase of its multi-phase structure: by supporting the client to perceive and accept him/herself holistically and to re-engage with him/herself and the world, to respond and to draw a differentiated, realistic boundary to the non-self (of the experienced).

The therapy takes thus a dialogical approach. It takes up the interactional nature of the self processes and places them at the centre of the therapeutic process. It focuses on establishing contact and relationship-oriented confrontation with different parts of the self as well as with inner representations of what has been experienced.

Multi-phase integrative trauma therapy was developed by Prof. Willi Butollo (et.al.) and is, in particular, suitable for complex trauma therapy. It is based on the recommendations of the German-speaking Society for Psychotraumatology (DeGPT) and combines gestalt-therapeutic-humanistic, learning-psychological-behavioural and systemic approaches.