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Gestalt Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling in Lüneburg in English & German
Gestaltpraxis Dr. Leena Petersen





I am very pleased to welcome you to my website and to be able to give you some insight into my approach and my methods.





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Dr. Leena Petersen


Kleine Bäckerstr. 1,  Lüneburg (Altstadt)


Email, Tel.: 0177-455 1407

Gestalt Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling in English in Hamburg & Lüneburg


I offer Gestalt Psychotherapy for individuals as well as Couples Therapy/ Marriage Counseling in  Lüneburg  both in English and German. I work respectfully and in a transparant way.

I am a member of the German Gestalt Therapist Organisation (DVG), and, according to their guidelines, participate in a regular supervision of my work.

Gestalt Psychotherapy: New Perspectives

Gestalt Therapy explores the diversity of human beings and their uniqueness within the context of their relationships and social environment. Gestalt Therapy supports personal change and development. Creative processes are encouraged which open up new possiblities to solve old problems.

In Gestalt Therapy, the dialogue is of vital importance. However, as creative approach, Gestalt Therapy can make use of various media and is not limited to the spoken word. I work – if suitable – with elements of conversational therapy, body therapy, art therapy, music therapy and writing therapy, among others.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment.


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