Gestalt Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy/ Marriage Counseling in Lüneburg
Gestalt Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Fees and Payments


€ 60 Individual Session/ Counseling à 60 minutes

€ 90 Relationship Counseling/ Couples Therapy à 90 minutes


Gestalt Therapy represents an internationally recognised approach within Humanistic Psychotherapy. However, in Germany, Gestalt Therapy is not covered by regular insurance services. Life Counseling and Couples Therapy are, in general, not covered by insurances. Cash payment in full is required at the time that therapy services are provided.


Social Fees: In special circumstances (e.g. low income), I can offer psychotherapy and counselling at reduced rates. Please ask for more details.


Sessions can be cancelled 48 h in advance without any problems. Please understand that I have to charge the full fee for the session in case of short-notice cancellation or non-attendance.