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The Gestalt Approach in Couples Therapy

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The Gestalt Approach is well suited for couples counseling since Gestalt Therapy focuses on that which has become stuck or stagnant (within a relationship), with the aim of allowing it to flow once more.

Within this approach, I do not impart fixed communication techniques or skills, nor do I seek to identify symptoms or offer a diagnosis; instead, I will carefully seek to pinpoint, together with you, the reasons for patterns and recurrent negative dynamics.

You are invited to learn something new about yourself, and, moreover, to develop a more gentle way of dealing with yourself and your partner.


Appreciation of Differences

You can learn to talk with each other about important issues. You can also discover and determine new mutual spaces, scope for development and boundaries. Moreover, you can learn to appreciate the differences between yourself and your partner.

In my practice, you can expect a safe space to encounter each other as a couple within a new perspective. On the basis of this new reciprocal openness, a feeling of renewed connectedness and mutual trust can develop.


Intercultural Relationship Counseling

I offer bilingual relationship counselling in German and/or English. I have lived for extended periods in various countries, and have forged friendships and relationships with people from diverse cultural backgrounds; my own family is intercultural. For these reasons, I have been able to develop a deep understanding of and interest in the particular situation of intercultural relationships.


Support during Separation

I can also support couples who are considering separating. I can accompany you through the process of taking such a decision and assist you by helping to clarify the situation.


Conditions for Couples Therapy, Marriage and Couples Counseling

Around 5-15 sessions of 90 minutes each have proven to be a good timeframe to work productively and start a process together.


Gestalt Couples Therapist in Lüneburg


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